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Alden Corporation is a quality manufacturing company purely committed to customer satisfaction. We are a family-owned company established in 1990 by Yvon Desaulniers. Alden is a sister company of Devon Precision Industries, a Swiss-screw-machine product manufacturer, founded in 1967. Together, we employ more than 250 people operating over 500 sophisticated production machines in our advanced 50,000 square foot facilities.

Alden Corporation has brought you such amazing extractors as Drill-Out®, X-Out®, Ease-Out® and now Grabit®-Pro. Our background in precision machining has allowed us to develop better products for our consumers and Superior Removal By Design™.

Alden Corp.

Developed in 2006, the Grabit®-Pro combines many of the features found in previous products, into one part capable of extracting a variety and range of broken bolts AND screws. Along with our dealers and distributors, we strive to bring a quality American made tool to those in a variety of fields who have a problem we can fix.

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