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Product Description

Use in reverse only when drilling and extracting.

Quickly and easily removes most broken bolts No. 5 and 6 (3mm) to 1.4 inch (6mm) from wood, metal or plastic. Can drill up to grade 8 and class 10.9 fasteners.

Micro Grabit 4 piece extractor kit can quickly remove broken bolts using a 1/8 in. variable speed reversible rotary power tool (slow speed) or quality power screw driver with expandable chuck. Serrated extracting end of tool results in greater torque for hard to remove bolts.

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  • Flip style drill bit and extractor in one tool; multiple tools not required.
  • Self centering drill tip elimates walking or wandering.
  • No grinding, center punching, or pilot hole required.
  • Works on jagged, uneven, and rough breaks.
  • Tempered twice for extra hardness; results in multiple extractions per tool.
  • Made from M2 HSS. Highest quality steel used and made in the USA.

Product Assortment

Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit
1257P 1647P 1907P 2367P 4507P
Grabit®-Micro #1 Grabit®-Micro #2 Grabit®-Micro #3 Grabit®-Micro #4
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1. Burnish 2. Flip 3. Extract
Grabit-Micro Instructions